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pepe-love Pepe’s Bistro was opened in July 2008 to share a passion for healthier food & lifestyle by having an ever changing menu prepared using fresh, local  ingredients as much as possible. Pepe is an advocate for bicycling and is the founder of Everette neighborhood bike project established 2006 which later became The Lincoln Bike Kitchen 2010,a non profit community ran bicycle shop.

Burrito Nirvana                       8.75

Organic flour tortilla stuffed with a blend of black beans,rice,herb roasted root vegetables, organic greens and   salsa .

*Gluten-free option: four tacos in corn tortilla

Cubano Sandwich                   7.75

Fresh baked totra layered and grilled with a blend of shredded

seitan (wheat gluten),roasted root vegetables, onion, sweet pepper,

mustard, pickles  and swiss cheese.

Black Bean Hummus Wrap              7.75

Large organic flour tortilla layered with a blend of black bean hummus,
pico de gallo, fresh organic greens, sunflower seeds and amba sauce( a unique blend of mango,vinegar and pickles).

Tres Tacos                                   7.75

Three freshly made corn tortillas (Marlene’s) stuffed with herb roasted

seasonal vegetables, fresh organic greens, cashew crema,and salsa fresca.

One taco  2.75

Sweet Potato Quesadilla   7.75

Large flour tortilla filled and grilled with baked sweet potato,caramelized onion,sweet pepper, black beans herbs,spices.Served with fresh guacamole ,pico de gallo and cashew crema.

Nachos                                     7.75

Corn tortilla chips  layered black beans , roasted potato beets carrots,  fresh guacamole,

pico de gallo, jalapeños (optional) and chipotle cashew crema.

Bean  Burrito         5.75

Organic flour tortilla,beans,rice,greens.

Side of Guacamole                                 1.99                                         

Chips & Salsa                                        3

Extra Salsa                                     .75

 Side of Rice and beans with 3 corn tortillas and salsa 4.00

Beverages 3.oo : Cucumber lemonade . Almond Horchata . 

Coming soon Mango Turmeric Lassi!

* Menu will continue to expand as we get into the groove of things.
* Our black beans are slow-cooked for 14 hours with organic herbs, spices and tomatoes.

* Our sauces contain a variety of nuts and local wine.

* Although we do offer gluten-free options, our kitchen is not gluten free .

*Everything on menu can also be made vegan on request.

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Proudly supporting local farmers since 2004

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